I LOVE teaching! I do it online and in person.

It is a bit of a special skill, not necessarily related to performance level. Some people are tremendous virtuosi, but lack the ability to convey ideas. Other people may be good communicators and have the knowledge, but resent teaching and only do it to make ends meet (these often make the lessons about themselves, not the student).

I’e been teaching guitar for decades and I get better at it every day. Given my abilities in classical, rock/blues, American acoustic styles, and jazz, I can honestly say that I teach a huge variety of styles and enjoy doing that. I like to ask my students for a list of songs they want to learn, and use examples from those songs.

I offer a free consultation to discuss goals and set up a plan. After all, teaching is personal and I like to give everyone a chance to know me, and see if we are a good match.

Please contact me for lessons: imc.rogerio@gmail.com

Here are a couple techniques and styles I can teach (not limited to these at all, I’ll keep updating this page)