I LOVE teaching. I do it online and in person.

My lessons are focused solely on the student: what they want to achieve, and the fastest way to get them there. I like to create examples, exercises and drills from songs that they want to play, with intent to build repertoire, or skills needed for other purposes (i.e.: I have coached many students on college test requirements and auditions).

I’ve been teaching guitar for decades and I get better at it every day. Contrary to general perception, teaching requires creativity, as every person may have a unique set of natural abilities and challenges: one may have a natural tendency to tighten their muscles too much, while another may have a difficulty to coordinate both sides of their body. There is always something new to me, and I enjoy creating solutions.

Please contact me for lessons: imc.rogerio@gmail.com

Here are a couple techniques and styles I can teach (not limited to these at all, I’ll keep updating this page)